DANIEL DIAZ – Husband, Father, & Abuelo.


It is with heavy hearts that we announce that

Daniel Pedro Diaz of Orem Utah has finished his mission here on earth at the age 78 on October 11th, 2017 in Orem, Utah.

and is survived by his wife, Maria de la Flor and his 6 children Maria (David) Rhoades, Alex (Kathy) Diaz, David (Jennifer) Diaz, Jenny (Jed) Sant, Emmy (Bryan) Bradley and Michele (Alan) Wright, his 21 grandchildren, his brothers Omar Diaz, Ruben (Trini) Diaz and his sister Cristina (Amado) Molina.


Mariflor went with him everywhere. She stayed right by his side through this great adventure.  She was his muse, his strength, his support, his amor.  She is heartbroken that she cannot be with him now. 

He loved weeping willow trees.  He said there was one at his house growing up and would always point them out whenever we drove by one.  He loved nature and going on drives through the mountains. He loved asados -a good Argentine barbeque; with family and friends, but don’t forget the bread!  And if he couldn’t have an asado, he would love a good Pizza or some fresh pasta- he was part Italian after all!  We spent many hours making homemade raviolis and he loved baking bread and trying new experiments with cooking in the kitchen.  I believe all of his children inherited his love for good food and conversation.  

His grandchildren were his greatest joy.  His very first granddaughter Alyssa was born on his birthday 24 years ago and she said he always told her - she was his favorite birthday present ever. He has shared that day with her up until his last, one week ago today. He loved every single one of his grandkids very much. He was always taking pictures and trying to share his knowledge of music, life and the gospel with them.  He was their beloved Abuelo and will never be forgotten by any of them.

memorial donations may be made to:
Mountain America Credit Union Daniel P. Diaz #0010917822

or sent through PayPal to buenosvato@gmail.com

Contact David Diaz 3853352577



Argentine bandoneón player Daniel Diaz was born in San Nicolas, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina; at age six started music studies with bandoneón Master Arcangel J. Stefano and later with the great bandoneón master Ciriaco Ortiz. At age seven he performs at the Theatre of San Nicolas and at 12 he forms his first youth tango orchestra. Moving later to Buenos Aires he played with various major orchestras. At age 18, he won the Mar del Plata Music Festival. He excels in the performance of music from Argentina -- Tango, the music of Buenos Aires, and folklore, the music of the gauchos.

In 1970 he immigrated to the United States and upon his arrival to Provo, Utah; completed studies in audio recording arts at Brigham Young University, including courses in music, acoustics and audio systems. Today he performs at major universities and large venues such as Carnegie Hall; at times as guest artist and at other times as director of The Tango Camerata presenting his concert Tango Times™. He travels throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico, teaching musicians how to play Argentine tango and presenting Tango Times Musical Events. He has presently produced several recordings.

Performing venues in the USA where Mr. Diaz performed include:

  • Carnegie Hall, N.Y. as a soloist with 60 young musicians from Langley High School of  Virginia.
  • The Tango Camerata and Tango Times premier at the Wooddruff Arts Center,  Atlanta,GA.
  • The Harris Fine Arts Center, University of Brigham Young, Provo, UT
  • The Latin American Festival - Franklin Quest Stadium in Salt Lake City,  UT
  • Utah Opus Orchestra, SLC, UT- Astor Piazzolla operetta “Maria de Buenos Aires”
  • The Organization for American States, Washington, DC
  • The Argentine Embassy and other venues, Washington, DC
  • Duke; Stanford; Maryland State; Georgia State, Texas State and George Washington  universities
  • Mercury Ball Room– Denver, CO – Avalon Ball Room, Boulder, Colorado.
  • Presentations at Alex, Ford and North Hollywood theaters in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Herbs Theatre, San Francisco, CA
  • MetaTango Festival in Houston, TX

He also performs at tango festivals and dances organized by Argentine tango enthusiasts in Kansas City, Dallas, New York, Washington DC, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle and other cities in the US, in Canada and in Mexico… His main professional efforts are dedicated to teaching musicians and music students at colleges and universities. Providing arrangements and coaching ensembles on how to play Argentine Tango He organizes The Tango Camerata ensembles in various cities throughout the USA, presenting his “Romantic Tango Times Evening” at corporations and conventions.

Contact David Diaz 3853352577        
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